Absolem is officially a "Great Place To Work"

Absolem obtained the “Great Place to Work" certificate for the first time and can therefore call itself a "Great Place to Work" for a year. More than three quarters of our colleagues completed the entire online survey and we achieved an average score of 87%.


How satisfied are our colleagues?


A 'Great Place to Work' is a company where employees have confidence in the leadership, are proud of what they do and experience the corporate culture as motivating. The Great Place to Work Institute developed a method – the Trust Index – to measure these criteria through a satisfaction survey.

The results are obtained on the basis of an anonymous survey and are therefore based on the opinion of the employees.

20220308 - Absolem - 5891An Struyf, HR Business Partner at Absolem, explains the importance of this: “At Absolem, people orientation and values ​​are two of our core values. This means that we want to create an open corporate culture. Our colleagues are more than just 'employees' to us. We obtained the Great Place to Work label through the vote of our colleagues, and we think that is really the added value.”

It was Absolem's first time participating in this process. “Our goal was to find out how our colleagues perceive our company culture through the Great Place to Work survey. We mainly wanted to know what we did well and what could be improved. The fact that we are actually recognized as a Great Place to Work with our first participation is really the icing on the cake!”, says An.


“The fact that we participated for the first time just after corona, of course also made it extra exciting. The pandemic has had a major impact on our operations and the way we were able to connect with colleagues. And yet we achieved a nice score. This shows to us that what we do, we do well and is appreciated.”



“We achieved the best score in the focus domain 'comradeship'. As a consultancy company, this is always a point of attention. This shows that connection is not just a buzzword for us, but is also really ingrained in our culture.”



What did our colleagues say?



Colleagues also had the opportunity to write down their opinions or comments in the survey. A number of them also made use of that option. Below are some of those quotes.

"They invest heavily in people, not only professionally but also on a human level. I have already been able to follow some courses that have helped me not only in my professional life, but also in my private life."

"The way in which everyone in the organization treats each other openly and warmly is certainly worth mentioning!"

"Trust and respect in and for each other and being seen as a person."

"The homely, family, circle of friends feeling. Company meeting at the campfire with the conclusion of a moment together in a café. Ensures that there is no gigantic gap between employees and management, so that the step remains small to discuss any problems, concerns or anything else .

And this is just the beginning. “Thanks to this first participation, we now know where we stand and what actions we can take. We now want to participate every year so that we can see whether our actions are having an effect. Open communication remains important to us anyway: sharing feedback and ideas with each other makes us stronger as a group.”