Why Absolem?

We are convinced that we are the ideal engineering partner for your company. Our expertise, our unique profile, our broad spectrum of services and our approach form an unbeatable combination.

Absolem is a healthy and fast-growing high-tech engineering company. We belong to the top of the Belgian engineering sector. So there are many reasons to choose Absolem as an engineering partner. We list eight of them for you.

Absolem - Icon - Uniek Profiel

Unique profile

Absolem is a unique company on the market. A specific engineer for a specific project or duration in your company? A tailor-made solution from our own engineering center? Engineering consultancy or advice? Everything is possible. We offer a lot more than traditional outsourcing.

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Absolem - Icon - Expertise

Extensive expertise

We have been working in engineering for many years and we have already built up a great deal of expertise in that period. How about 60+ engineers with all their own knowledge and experience? This collected expertise is completely at your disposal. It helps our engineers meet your challenges.

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Absolem - Icon - Project Sourcing

Maximum service

Our motto is simple: "there is no traffic jam along the extra mile". We do everything possible to provide you with the best solution. Whether it is an engineer to strengthen your team, a concept or machine conceived or built in our engineering center or the right advice to solve your concrete problem.

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Absolem - Icon - Duurzaamheid

Sustainable business

We are an engineering company where a people-oriented approach and sustainability are central. No empty words, no isolated initiatives. Both elements are fully embedded in the way we work and are reflected in everything we do. At a strategic level, but also in everyday things.

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Absolem - Icon - Laser

Largest laser lab

Our engineering center in Turnhout houses more than 20 laser sources, together with experts who have the knowledge and experience to use them optimally. This makes us the largest independent laser lab in Europe.

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Absolem - Icon - Groei

From concept to production

From A to Z? We call it from C to P. From concept to production. We are the ideal engineering partner at every step of this process. We can help with research, concept creation and validation, but also with design, design, engineering, implementation and production.

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Absolem - Icon - Kwaliteit

Guaranteed quality

We guarantee quality. The quality of the engineers in our team, the quality of the solutions in our own engineering center, the quality of our engineering consultancy and the quality of our services. Quality is at the heart of everything we do. We never deviate from that.

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Absolem - Icon - Innovatie

Continuous innovation

We believe that innovation is a must in our domain. That is why we continuously invest in innovation. Research, business development, training, new technologies, material, software and equipment in our engineering center… it's all part of it. We are at the top of our market and innovation is what keeps us there.

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