Engineering consultancy

Are you looking for a technology partner who can advise you or provide solutions to meet the challenges that arise? Then you can count on the expertise and experience of our team.

We have more than 60 experienced engineers that we can deploy to help you find an answer to your question. That way we can quickly offer a number of solutions for the challenges you face.

We also have experience in many different domains, in different sectors and with different technologies. This combination ensures that we can meet a wide range of challenges.

What's the added value of engineering consultancy?

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External expertise

You can draw on the experience and expertise of more than 60 engineers, with different skillsets and from different sectors.

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New insights

External employees often provide a fresh perspective and new innovative ideas. That way you may gain new insights into your project.

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Custom advice

We look at your challenge together and come up with a custom answer. Not standard advice, but a useful solution that you can use effectively.

Do you need external advice?

We would be happy to take a look at your concrete business case. Over a cup of coffee or another drink. Without it having to become an awkward sales conversation.

How do we start a collaboration?

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We analyse your business case from a technical and economic point of view. By listening carefully to you, we discover the challenges and opportunities.

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We investigate various scenarios and see which solutions may be relevant to your specific challenge. We rely on our expertise and years of experience for this.

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We list the most relevant scenarios for you and discuss which solutions are possible. We consult and listen to your feedback.

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You can then start yourself or let us do the project. If you choose the former, we are available for further advice. If you opt for the second, everything will come together in a transparent offer.

What makes Absolem different?

Customised solutions: A specific engineer for a specific project or timeframe? A tailor-made solution from our own engineering center? Engineering consultancy or advice? Everything is possible.

Extensive expertise: How about 60+ engineers, all with their own knowledge and experience? This collected expertise is completely at your disposal.

Maximum service: Our motto is simple: "there is no traffic jam along the extra mile". We do everything possible to provide you with the best solution for your challenge.

Laser technology: We have the largest independent laser lab in Europe.

People-oriented and sustainable: A high-tech engineering company that still puts employees, customers and partners first? Check. Sustainability? We put our money where our mouth is.

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We'll do our best to provide an answer for your specific question.