Our expertise

We have been working in the engineering market since 2010. Many of our engineers have even more years to add. Their expertise and experience help to work out the ideal technological solution together with you.

With more than 60 engineers, we have a lot of expertise and experience, spread over many domains, such as mechanics, electronics, software, design, etc. We have it all in-house. But we make even more of a difference in a number of areas.

What are our top expertise domains?

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Laser technology

No idea what you can do with a laser? We do. As the largest independent laser lab in Europe, we have a unique combination of expertise, experience and equipment when it comes to lasers.
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Prototype machine building

Looking for a machine that is not yet on the market? Or do you want an existing machine to do something completely different? Then we can help you. We don't have a catalog, we build your machine completely custom-made.

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Sometimes you want to see whether a certain process works in practice. Whether a certain technique is suitable for what you have in mind. Or what a certain end product might look like. Then a demonstrator is the ideal solution.

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Data analysis

We help you with all steps of data analysis: collecting, cleaning up, validating, analyzing, visualizing and automating. Based on our analysis, we help you make the right decisions.

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Digitisation of machines

Not all machines are equipped with a controller (PLC) and/or not all data is collected. We add some components to your machine to digitise it and capture all relevant data immediately.

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Augmented reality

We offer an affordable and ready-to-use Augmented Reality experience. This can be useful for support with maintenance, training, marketing & sales or production.

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What makes Absolem different?

Customised solutions: A specific engineer for a specific project or timeframe? A tailor-made solution from our own engineering center? Engineering consultancy or advice? Everything is possible.

Extensive expertise: How about 60+ engineers, all with their own knowledge and experience? This collected expertise is completely at your disposal.

Maximum service: Our motto is simple: "there is no traffic jam along the extra mile". We do everything possible to provide you with the best solution for your challenge.

Laser technology: We have the largest independent laser lab in Europe.

People-oriented and sustainable: A high-tech engineering company that still puts employees, customers and partners first? Check. Sustainability? We put our money where our mouth is.

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