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What kind of company is Absolem? What kind of people do we employ? What's our corporate culture? What jobs are currently available? How well do I fit into the team? We can answer all your questions.

Absolem is a healthy and fast-growing high-tech engineering company. We belong to the top of the Belgian engineering market and would like to stay there. That's why we're constantly looking for people to expand our team.

We find both hard and soft skills very important, but we don't expect you to have mastered everything when you start with us. We offer you a lot of space and time to learn.

Work, life and purpose

We firmly believe in a good work-life balance. Of course, just about all companies say that, but we do our best to actually put it into practice. In addition, we are also a company with a purpose: we want to have a positive impact not only on our people and our company, but also on our society.

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We offer an attractive salary package, in addition to a lot of fringe benefits and a number of opportunities to learn and map out your career.

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We work hard, but we also like to have fun. Both in the office and outside. We provide a relax atmosphere, but also support to optimise your work-life balance.

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We always put people first and believe we should do more than just make money. Purpose-driven entrepreneurship isn't just a concept for us.

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What are your talents

You are more than what you do, you can be who you are at Absolem. That idea creates meaning in a job, it forms the basis for your personal development and is a cornerstone of our people-oriented approach.

We not only analyse your technical competences, but also your CoreTalents. In this way, we help you grow in a direction you find interesting, instead of training you to only meet the needs or KPIs of our company. Why? Because it makes us both better and happier.


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What have we got to offer?

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An interesting salary

You will receive a competitive and attractive salary, adapted to your experience and expertise. Holiday pay and an end-of-year bonus are of course included.

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Fringe benefits

You can count on extra benefits such as hospitalization and group insurance, meal vouchers and eco vouchers. In addition, there is also our FIP plan with which you determine how you prefer to be paid.

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Sustainable mobility

You decide how you organise your mobility: a car, public transport, an electric bicycle or scooter, or a combination. We do emphasize sustainability: our cars are all hybrid or electric.

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On top of your statutory 20 vacation days, you will receive 12 extra days. That means 32 days of vacation per year. And via our FIP plan you can also provide 5 extra vacation days.

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You choose where and when you work: in one of our offices, at a customer or at home. Of course in consultation with coworkers. But flexibility is a given.

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We have a training budget that you can use. We have training courses and a plan in mind, but of course you can also propose other trainings yourself.

Convinced already?

Glad to hear that. We have more to say, but we get it if you want to look at the vacancies right away.

And what can I expect next to work?

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We are a big team, but really we are almost a family. You can just be yourself, without putting on a mask. What's more, we love people who dare to be different. Because that's how we are ourselves.

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We also like to do spend time together outside office hours. Four times a year we organise an Absolem event. Something different every time. We organise it, you come if you feel like it. It's that simple!

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What do you need? What gives you energy? In which direction do you want to grow? We support you both professionally and personally, so that you have the optimal environment to feel good.


What do we find important?

We put our people first: what do you need? What gives you energy? In which direction do you want to grow? Both on a personal and professional level: we want to help you further develop your career in the right direction, based on your competencies and needs.

We invest in sustainability: we have a great deal of technological knowledge and expertise, which forms the basis of our sustainability policy. We see technology as an enabler: it forms the basis for sustainable development. Do you want to contribute to our sustainability story? Please do!

We believe in diversity: we pay a lot of attention to diversity, in all areas. Not only during the recruitment process, but also in the day-to-day reality on the work floor. And we also want to evangelise the outside world.

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Would you like a look behind the scenes?

Would you like to know what happens at Absolem and what we are all doing? Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram. We'll give you a look behind the scenes of our offices, especially on Instagram.

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