Mission, vision & values

An ambitious mission, a clear vision and shared values can connect and motivate people to achieve a common goal. What are we trying to achieve, what do we stand for and how do we want to be at Absolem?

Our mission: what are we going for?

We want to develop a people-oriented and value-driven engineering company with a worldwide positive impact on technology and on the way in which we collaborate with people and society.

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Our vision: how do we do that?

We aim to fulfill our mission through a range of project sourcing, project management, project execution and engineering consultancy. We strive to boost product, process and machine building development, supported by our high-tech engineering center, unique laser expertise and knowledge of industrial digitisation.

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Our values: what do we stand for?

Absolem is a values-driven company. Our core values are humanity, independence, quality, sustainability and connection. We constantly aspire to embed these values in our strategy, approach, actions and decisions.


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