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Which of our services can take your production process to the next level and contribute to success?

Absolem offers a wide range of services covering the entire production process. We can help from concept to production. Quality always comes first. Not only in our range of services, but also in the way we work with you.

What can we help you with?

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Process development

We help develop an idea into a technological solution. Through concept creation, concept validation and concept study, we provide a solution that is technically completely correct, is financially feasible and best suits your business.

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2D/3D Design

To make a concept more concrete, we first create a fully developed 3D model. Then we develop all technical details with 2D designs. That way you have a perfect plan to start construction.

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Machine building

Build a machine that doesn't exist yet? Build multiple instances of an existing machine? Optimising an existing machine or upgrading an old machine? We can do it all.

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We install your machine safely  on the work floor and ensure that it fits nicely within the rest of the production process. We test everything thoroughly and go over everything with the people who will operate the machine.

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We have good partners who can take care of the construction of several copies of an existing machine. In this way we can also produce the prototypes we built in larger volumes.

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Industrial digitisation

We are going to connect machines and systems in your production process and let them communicate. In this way you get a better insight into what really happens in the production process allowing you to make better decisions.

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What makes Absolem different?

Customised solutions: A specific engineer for a specific project or timeframe? A tailor-made solution from our own engineering center? Engineering consultancy or advice? Everything is possible.

Extensive expertise: How about 60+ engineers, all with their own knowledge and experience? This collected expertise is completely at your disposal.

Maximum service: Our motto is simple: "there is no traffic jam along the extra mile". We do everything possible to provide you with the best solution for your challenge.

Laser technology: We have the largest independent laser lab in Europe.

People-oriented and sustainable: A high-tech engineering company that still puts employees, customers and partners first? Check. Sustainability? We put our money where our mouth is.

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