What is butt welding? - Absolem Tech Talks

What is butt welding? You will get an answer to that question in this second episode of Absolem Tech Talks. We show you how we tackle your challenge: from process phase to implementation phase. The icing on the cake is of course that we can build you a machine that carries out the processes.

Butt welding is the end-to-end joining of high-quality metal components. It is one of the most commonly used welded joints. There are different types of welding processes that can be used for butt welding, the choice depends on, among other things, the material and the application. In this Tech Talk we make use of laser technology. We make sure that precision, consistency and power are central to the process we develop for you.


Why choose butt welding?


There are several reasons why you could consider butt welding to optimize your product or production process.


First of all, your motivation may be cost-driven. For example, it may be more economical to market a part that consists of one part as a composite part.


Secondly, you may want to connect materials with different properties, such as stiffness, melting temperatures and hardnesses.


Finally, it may be about making an optimal alloy between two materials to achieve a certain effect. This is the case, for example, with thermocouples.


How do we tackle your challenge?


Depending on your specific question, we think along about a solution. In doing so, we always take into account the tolerances that we have to meet, where your issue lies in the life cycle, and the degree of automation that would be optimal. Wim Verboven, Business Development Manager, introduces you to Herman Van Dijck and Jurgen Adriaensen, our specialists in mechanical engineering and laser technology. They explain how we work based on a specific business case.